The fate of the flow, in the hands of the main map!

How can you reduce the risk of your own investment?

In the business world, if you only know how to invest, this kind of thinking is very dangerous, because not every product can get a good return in the market, there must be a lot of products will lose money in the operation.
the risk of your own investment
So as a small and medium seller, how can you reduce the risk of your own investment?

Most of the traffic in a store is basically from one or two main pushes. When making the main push, the mapping and measurement is an indispensable step.

There are several factors that must be met in the selected style: the supply should be stable, the quality should be good, and the same product should be sold in the market. After selecting the style, choose one as the next. The main push, choose two as a through train for promotion.
1. Peer comparison, whether you choose the model in your industry, there are almost the same models sold well.
2, can not choose a section to test
3, the details page, the main picture, the title, the car map , if these basic internal work is done badly, the measured data is very bad! Online consumers look at pictures!
Mapping preparation


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