The most popular jeans this year, comfortable and slim!

The most popular jeans this year

comfortable and slim!

The retro loose leg design, the effect of the leg shape is visible to the naked eye, and the sisters of the pear shape are very friendly. The position of the front waist is very three-dimensional, and the looseness of the upper body is fashionable and the silhouette of the side is not Lost elegance!

Deliberately do high waist, lengthen the proportion of the lower body. The button design adds a small waist seal feeling, tie the jeans into the pants, tall and casual. The length of the pants is not tall. It can be easily controlled.

The most popular jeans


Black is the indispensable color in the wardrobe, easy to wear the workplace temperament! Temperament will not give people a sense of dullness, quickly arrange into your wardrobe!

The most popular pants this year comfortable and slim

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