Title optimization word selection skills.

Title optimization word selection skills

How much do you know about baby title optimization tips?

Novice sellers have a headache for word selection, do not know how to choose,

and some even directly copy other people’s titles.

Tell you what are the tips for optimizing your baby’s headline? And two major word selection skills.

Then I will give you a few examples of how to choose words.

The principle of our choice of words should be clear. There are so many treasures.

If we want to get the best title, we must satisfy the following principles:

high display, high click, High correlation, high conversion, tailored to your product attributes,

low competition. Only words with high clicks can bring high traffic, high relevance, words that

match product attributes, accurate traffic, accurate high traffic directly lead to high conversion,

meet baby sales and conversion rate requirements, and directly improve natural traffic.

The low-competition words can reduce the cost of promotion, so that your baby can quickly get

to the home page. So how do you specifically meet the above criteria?

I have summarized the following methods:

1, baby title optimization skills – copy the peer title:
If we are really lazy, or if we really don’t have time, we can completely copy the title of

the top of the sales volume of the peers according to the characteristics of our baby.

The benefits of copying are very obvious, saving time and effort, and maybe looking for

similar baby. In the middle of finding you, peers will definitely optimize the title in detail,

you can learn directly. But plagiarism should pay attention to, must match the characteristics

of their own products, such as others selling women’s shoes high shoes, your low-cut shoes are

also not appropriate. In addition to what kind of words to copy, there must be a choice.

2, baby title optimization skills – baby editing page

The baby editing page is also a way of choosing words, because your baby’s attributes are

actually the precise needs of the people who buy your products. For example, the handbags,

the brand of the women’s bag, the way of closing, the pattern, Style, material, etc. can be used

as the title selection, and even as the title of the through train, then the through train

correlation will be very high, and the conversion rate of natural related words will be very high.


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