Apparel and color

The combination of color and  chlose is quite complicated, and there are many factors that affect the coordination of color and apparel, such as age, gender, body type, style, occupation and so on. Children love bright, lively, single, bright colors and colorful apparel with brightness, brightness and high chroma. Young people like color change, pursue popular colors, and adapt to a wide range. The elderly are mainly neutral colors, and the brightness and chroma are low. Men use color more calm, steady, and subtle. Women like fancy, gorgeous, beautiful, and delicious colors. The short body is light and soft, the obese type has a contraction in dark clothes, and the elongated body type can be light, bright, warm, with a sense of expansion, and is more powerful, and the shoulder-length top can be colored horizontally. Strips, plaids and flowers to improve visual effects. Extroverted, lively and active people like bright colors and contrasting colors, warm colors: introverted, quiet people like color, lightness and low color, cool colors.